Clinics and Camps

  • 360 Soccer Camp

    This camp focuses on player development with a 360 degree approach.  Players will be put through a series of exercises and small sided games focusing on the four main pillars of the game.  Players will be coached with the goal for each player to leave camp with a  better understanding of the game technically, tactically, mentally and physically.  This camp will be led by NRFA Directors.

    2022 dates coming soon.

  • Winter Futsal

    The focus of the Winter Futsal League is to improve players’ overall technical ability within an active and high-paced form of play.
    The games will be played in a 5 v 5 format including goalkeepers indoors on a basketball court. The format allows players to maximize touches on the ball, enhance passing and receiving abilities in tight spaces, and a chance to create high volumes of chances to score.
    While skill development is key, players will also be able to benefit from the opportunity to compete over the course of 6 weeks of futsal. Players will be organized by age.
    All games will be played with NRFA Coaches in supervision. The emphasis is on the technical development of the player, but the focus will be for the players to have FUN in an exciting environment.
  • 6V6 Summer League

    Last year was the inaugural NRFA 6v6 Summer League.  The league takes place over six weeks starting in the summer. Games are played at Archer Lodge Community Park- 14009 Buffalo Rd, Clayton, NC 27527.

    The league is Co-Ed and NRFA forms teams from registered players.  The teams remain the same for the duration of league play. League Standings will be posted weekly.  Games will consist of 2 x 22 min halves and will be coached by NRFA staff coaches. Age groups will be U8-U10 -U12-U14 and High School age. 

  • Finishing and Keeper Camp

    Players are coached through a series of position specific exercises and games relevant to goalkeeping and playing as a striker. Players are split into two groups for the first half of each session (goalkeepers and field players) to focus on the technical/tactical aspect of their position. Both groups will merge for the second half of the session to create game realistic situations. (this is open to all field players).  

    The camp will be on Wednesday evenings at Archer Lodge Community Park- 14009 Buffalo Rd, Clayton, NC 27527

  • Summer Goalkeeper Camp

    This four session co-ed morning camp will be facilitated by NRFA Goalkeeper Coach Cooper Hall.
    Coach Cooper a former collegiate goalkeeper and current assistant men's soccer coach at Louisburg College will put goalkeepers through a series of high intensity age appropriate sessions specifically designed for goalkeeping development. 
  • Speed + Agility Camp

    We are excited to once again partner with Horsepower Speed & Performance (or HP for short) with a blend from NRFA to create a Speed & Performance Program relatable to soccer.  Session 1 will be June 7th-June 25th and Session 2 will be July 5th- July 30th, the schedule will be the normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning from 9-11 AM.  Wednesdays, we will apply Coach Eric's principles to soccer in activities designed to push their fitness and technical skill.  We will be at Archer Lodge Community Park- 14009 Buffalo Rd, Clayton, NC 27527

    HP is the only comprehensive, youth sports performance program in the Johnston County area. Led by Coach Eric Williams, with over 2 decades of experience, his coaching and mentoring have proven to take the average athlete and make them better. Whether your child needs to be stronger, faster, or more agile, Coach Eric has a proven training model to get them there. Whether your child is 8 or 18 or anywhere in between, we can help them.


    • Mobility & Mechanics (optimal movement patterns)
    • Hip & Trunk stability (core)
    • Strength (overall body)
    • Power Development (explosive bursts, jumps)
    • Agility (multi-direction speed)
    • Linear Sprint Mechanics
    • Overall & Specialized Stamina 
    • Sports Nutrition 
    • Mindset Development

Questions about Clinics + Camps?

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“The wonderful thing about soccer is, a football is a perfectly round object, and it doesn’t make mistakes. The player using it makes mistakes. And the more you use it, the less mistakes you make.”

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