Team Manager Resources

Are you interested in volunteering as a team manager but not sure what a team manager does?

Team managers are vital to a successful season. Without volunteers to fill this role teams don’t function as efficiently as we need them to. Our goal is to provide you the support you need to make the managers role easy to do so you can support you coach and team when and where they need you the most.  NRFA has provided a list below of items that are handled by the team manager.  We would like to make sure that all team managers understand what is expected, prior to making the commitment to be a team manager for the next soccer year.  This list is not all inclusive, and some items may vary depending on your level of play and division, but this list is a good overview of what is required.

Your role as team manager is instrumental to the success of your team and the club.  Many teams will have two managers; one that handles paperwork and communication and another that handles money and is the team treasurer.

After reviewing the list of requirements below and you feel that you would like to volunteer for this position on your team, please contact your coach and the NRFA Administrator as soon as possible at

Immediate Requirements:
  • Risk Management Background Check
  • Attend Managers Meeting usually scheduled within a week after tryouts
Collection of Team Player's Paperwork:
  • Medical Waiver
  • Birth Certificate
  • Carding picture
  • Help in organizing uniform orders
Treasurer Items
  • Set up EIN for checking account
  • Open a checking account
  • Formulate a team budget
  • Help organize scholarship paperwork for players
  • Collect Team Fees for Budget
  • Inform NRFA of anyone that is delinquent in team fees
  • Organize Referee fees

(Academy managers do not schedule games)

  • Complete the Intent to Play form
  • Schedule matches with all teams in your bracket.  Please note:  many times the window to schedule games for the Fall season is usually around the beginning of July and the beginning of December for the Spring season.
  • Document games in an Excel form that is provided to you
  • Register for tournaments
  • Enter matches, trainings  and tournaments into TeamSnap for team use and organization
  • Enter score for season matches
  • Reschedule matches if needed
Owner of Team Binder
  • Must attend the Team Carding meeting to complete player passes
  • Organize binder according to example given by NRFA
  • Keep player passes "safe" and organized in team binder at all times
  • The team binder is to be brought to every game and tournament by team manager
Other Items
  • Must have a means for communication in the event of a last minute game changes on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday mornings
  • Be accessible on Mondays or Tuesdays to make requests for Club Passes if coach requested
  • Be accessible during the afternoons to inform your team if practice has been canceled
  • Be able to drop off and pick up any necessary paperwork in a timely manner at the NRFA office
  • Make hotel reservation blocks for team if needed at tournaments or season matches
  • Must be an efficient organizer and communicator

***Academy managers do not do many of these things that Classic Managers do***

For more information on what an Academy manager does or other questions please contact the Club Registrar.