Many Communities, One Alliance


Who We Strive To Be

The mission of Neuse River FA is to provide a competitive environment that develops players' skills, knowledge, and love of the beautiful game of soccer by incorporating the high-quality training, structure, and player development through positive coaching.

What We Believe

We believe that these standards, combined with the experiences gained from playing competitive soccer, help our players mature as individuals, and encourages the development of leadership skills, courage, and personal commitment to sportsmanship, teamwork, goal-setting and fair-play.


Many Communities, One Alliance

The Neuse River Futbol Alliance was formed in March 2017 between two local competitive soccer organizations that shared footprints in Eastern Wake County and Johnston County.  Johnston United Soccer Association (JUSA) formed in 2006 and East Wake Soccer Association (EWSA) formed in 1981 to help promote the growth and development of competitive and recreation youth soccer in our local communities.  Neuse River FA is pleased to provide the programs and activities that focus on the development, promotion and administration of the game among the youth in our communities and to instill the ideals of excellent character and good sportsmanship.  Integrated in this is building a "total" player focusing on self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, respect for self and others and all the inherent benefits of physical exercise.

“This alliance only serves to reinforce our commitment and shared visions of being a strong, locally based organization dedicated to developing players of high character who put sportsmanship and community at the forefront” said Todd Dameron, President of East Wake Soccer. “Both leagues had been in discussions over the past year about this partnership, and with the recent changes in the soccer landscape in the Triangle it seemed the most sense to move forward with this fantastic opportunity now.”

The newly formed alliance offers the chance for players of all abilities and skill, who may not have the chance to play youth soccer because of their geographic location in the far reaches of both counties to enjoy the game and develop their skills to the highest potential locally. Both JUSA and EWSA bring a strong foundation of recreation programs as well as highly competitive teams in all levels of competitive play in the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA).

“Our soccer community has always loved the way their children were treated like family within our associations. There were challenges we always faced due to our size, but with this alliance, both our respective Board of Directors agree we can push forward on a path that allows us to pool our resources and invest more heavily into local communities, fields, and qualified personnel to position ourselves as the premier local league for Johnston and Eastern Wake County” said Todd Dameron.

"It became clear to us when speaking, that we share many of the same values and principles for play. If we can keep our skilled players closer to home and offer the same level of programming larger clubs may offer that's a win-win for both founding organizations" said Johnston United President, David Glover. “Over the past few seasons, both our associations have maintained a great working relationship while sometimes overlapping in the same locales. We have always welcomed EWSA to our fields to play with our recreation teams, and they have offered the same. This initiative allows for both our clubs to continue building solid relationships that we both strive for in our local communities while offering us both the chance to combine resources for competitive play.”

Neuse River Futbol Alliance Values