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The Academy program is the new model for youth training and development and is the future of soccer in the United States.

The goal of the Neuse River Futbol Alliance Academy Program exists to foster the growth and development of youth soccer by providing a fun, structured, high paced learning environment.  This will help our players to have fun and to reach their full potential on the soccer pitch.

We will do our best to promote a love of the game, to help instill the ideals of excellent moral character and good sportsmanship. Integrated in this is the building of self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, respect for self and others, and all the inherent benefits of physical exercise.

NEUSE RIVER FA ACADEMY-#1 Priority for the Neuse River FA Academy is player development!

The Neuse River Academy program is the next step for youth recreational players who are looking for higher level training and competition and prepares players who have the desire to play at the Classic level. The Academy program is a critical in our Player Development Model as it provides players with weekly training by our professional coaching staff that follow a yearly training curriculum developed to improve player development at an accelerated rate for those who are wanting and are able to train in more structured and demanding training environment that want higher level play. The idea of Academy is to provide players with the opportunity to play with and against players of similar ability and commitment and at a level where they will experience the most success and enjoyment.

The Academy philosophy combines players from each age group to train together in pool training as well as on individual teams so that every player in the age group can identify as being part of an elite unified program rather than just one team. This challenges players individually but also encourages the group as a whole to grow and push each other to compete at the highest level possible. Pool training also helps the players to build relationships and self-confidence within a fun and competitive training environment; greater competition, increased training satisfaction and accelerated individual player development are all factors within this philosophy.

The goal is to create an environment that focuses on the growth and development of the individual player thru familiarity and repetition which in turn creates strong unified teams with confident and skilled players. Winning becomes a byproduct of player development thru working hard in a structured and disciplined training environment.  Our players must pride themselves on their performance in training through maximum effort and improvement throughout the cycles of training and our coaching staff must continue and strive to get better to grow and develop as players do to improve the overall growth and development of the club.


Q. Why the Academy instead of recreational soccer?

A. The Academy is a program that is run by paid staff that must have met certain coaching qualifications in order to be a part of the Academy staff. The Academy is a high level intense structured program that will demand the best of your son/daughter on the field and will also require players and parents alike to be committed to the program and development of your child in order for him/her to succeed in the program. The Academy is for players who want to play soccer at a higher level and the goal of the program is to prepare players for Classic or ODP play. Olympic Development Program)

Q. Do we play games like other teams and how many should we expect.

A. Absolutely, we have a regular season like any other team that runs from August until November and starts back up in February and runs until the end of April. Typically teams in the Academy play 10-14 games. On game day, teams typically play one and sometimes two games. The number depends on the other clubs at a particular festival and the number of teams in your division on that day. Your team may have one game on game day and another may have two, while there is always the potential that your team may have off on a game day at the end of the season we look to get all teams somewhere around 12-14 games during the season. 

Q. Where and when do we play?

A. we play almost all of our games on Saturdays and will play teams within our region of the state against clubs in Wilson, East Wake, Greenville, and other areas typically within an hour. We will have opportunities to play in the Academy Showcase in Advance NC and potential play at other locations outside of our area such as the Outer Banks if enough interest is there.

Q. How much should I expect my son/daughter to play in matches?

A. The goal is for all players to play 50% of matches although play time can vary. Neuse River FA coaches are not on the sidelines with a stopwatch monitoring playing time. Some players will play more than that at this level but hopefully we’re getting all players in for at least half of the game. Training attendance and commitment can affect play time at this level.

Q. How does game scheduling work?

A. Prior to the start of the season directors meet to discuss who will be playing where and this info is given to parents early. Typically the game schedules are not released until the week prior and sometimes the week of the games. This is one challenge that we’re working to fix in the Academy. The only game schedules that Neuse River FA has control of is ours so typically we ask parents on game days to expect games to be held from 9-4. This helps with the frustration of getting game schedules late at times.

Q. Will there be player movement thru teams:

A. Yes there can be player movement, the goal of player movement is to improve player development. If a coach feels a player needs to be challenged in any number of ways (maturity, speed of play, size, to learn responsibility, etc) he/she may move him up or down. These moves may be temporary or permanent and is always based off of what the coach believes in the best interest of the player.

Q. What is your philosophy on wins/losses in the Academy?

A. We believe you do everything in life to succeed, never play to lose but our goal in the Academy is solely player development. There may be times when we are more concerned about playing time or player development than in securing a win. Winning doesn’t matter at this stage in the game, again we never play to lose but when players start playing the “big game” that’s when results start to matter. What matters in the early years is:  Are we learning the proper fundamentals? Have we prepared you technically to play classic soccer? It is very similar to school, learning the proper fundamentals will give you the tools you need to have success in the big game.

Financial Commitment: The Academy program is a greater financial commitment than recreational soccer. There are generally two types of fees for Classic - club fees and team fees. Club fees cover items such as trainers, fields, player insurance, while team fees can cover team tournament fees, referee fees, coach’s travel/expenses, and items of that nature. And fees can be paid at once or divided into quarterly or monthly payments. Financial assistance is available for those who apply and qualify.

For more questions about the Academy please contact our Academy Director Keith Jenkins at [email protected]

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