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What is the Neuse River YDP program?

The Neuse River YDP or Youth Development Program: The YDP program is for player’s u12 and below that have been selected for the Academy as well as u11 and 12 classic teams. The primary goal of the YDP program is to prepare players for 11v11 classic play or the “Big Game”

Players go thru three stages or “zones” of development during their soccer careers the following gives a brief summary of those Zones and why they are important.

Without the proper technical foundation clubs will fail to produce winning teams when it really matters; thus our goal from ages 6-12 (Zone 1) is to focus on the long term technical development of our players by following a specific training path that will properly prepare them to compete at the highest level possible once they reach 11v11

YDP - 3 “Zones” of development in soccer

Ages 6-12 Technical-maximize player development to prepare them for the “big game”

Ages 13-14 Intro to the 11v11 game: Tactical focus on our team

Ages 15+ advanced tactical, aware and continue to learn about our goals and our tactics but also learning about our opponent’s tactics and how to use their game plan against them.

All coaches in the YDP program are licensed professional staff coaches who follow a yearly training curriculum that has been designed by national staff in the US as well as abroad. This program is constantly re-evaluated and “tweaked “ to maximize results.  The goal is to create a proper foundation for our youth soccer players so that they are building their foundation properly and year to year they continue to build and grow in their technical, tactical, physical, and psychological development of the game. Our primary focus is on development during these years and not our wins/losses. Make no mistake, we should always strive to win but winning is not the goal in the YDP, proper player development is. Winning is a byproduct of proper teaching, hard work, dedication, focus, and desire. As players get older and advance to the big game wins/losses become more important, but if we’ve not laid out the proper foundation for them to have success then success will be a matter of luck and not teaching, hard work, dedication, focus, and desire. As the old saying goes… Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.

For questions regarding this program please contact our Youth Technical Director at

[email protected]


Neuse River Academy Jrs Program

The Neuse River Academy Jr’s program is offered to players not quite ready for the Academy but who want additional training (outside of their recreational team) and who are capable of performing in a more structured, higher pace, technical environment. Players who are selected for this program will be placed in an environment that will challenge them physically, mentally, and improve their technique with the ball at an accelerated rate. This program has been designed to prepare our younger soccer stars for the next level of play which is our Academy program. This program will be offered in both Fall and Spring, assessment and registration dates to be posted.

For questions regarding this program please contact our Youth Technical Director at

[email protected]

Neuse River Advanced Training Program ATP:

The Advanced Training Program has been developed for players that are looking to get more soccer training than just their two training days per week. The program will be run by Academy director Jason King and several JUSA Staff coaches. (All coaches are licensed professional coaches). Each program will be divided into two groups, (numbers permitting) ages 8-11 and 12-15. Once the groups are formed players will be divided into smaller and paired with players of similar size and ability and assigned a JUSA staff coach to work with each week. Depending on numbers players may alternate staff week to week.

Areas of focus for the ATP

TECHNICAL: Accuracy and speed in individual ability with the ball

TACTICAL: Improve attacking/defending principles

PHYSICAL: Improve speed, agility, coordination and balance

PSYCHOSOCIAL: Work together in a team environment to solve problems

Sessions will be designed to include the following tactical aspects of the game:

Each session will ask the player to apply the following technical skills:

• Attacking principles
• Possession
• Transition
• Combination play
• Switching/vision
• Counter attack
• Building out of the back
• Finishing in the final 3rd
• Defending principles
• Zonal defending (older groups only)
• Pressing (when, where, how,)
• Shape – When to stay compact when to open up
• Benefits of verbal and visual communication.

• Passing
• Receiving
• Dribbling
• Turning
• Shooting
• Ball control
• Finishing
• Crossing


Registration and dates to be announced 

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